Registration closed – many thanks to all participants!

Looking for Volunteers!

To mimic the real situation on the Mediterranean Sea, volunteers are needed to fill up the vessel with as many passengers as possible. Satellite data which will be collected that way will be unique and most valuable for the ongoing research efforts.

Three trips are now being offered to volunteers to take part in. All participants are gladly invited to bring more people on board.

We want to offer as many people as possible to witness and experience theĀ  boat, its story and the bigger picture behind it (e.g. school classes). If you are interested, please contact us via

Registration closed – many thanks to all participants!

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Trip agenda

Please bring: Waterproof shoes or sandals (no high heels or any kind of shoes which may damage the boat’s skin), sunshine – or- alternatively rain protection (raincoat/poncho, no umbrella please)
Information regarding location and precise time: will reach you via Mail
We got: plenty of life jackets for adults and children
Agenda: After a short introduction, there will be a 15min drive over water, followed by a 20min stopover at open waters and the return. During the trip, there will be time for a discussion and questions.
Please expect the trip to start around 6PM and to last for about two hours.